Viking Trackmobile Overhaul

Andress Engineering is proud to highlight a recently completed overhaul of a Trackmobile Viking, railcar mover. The unit came into our facility after an end user ran a railcar into the parked railcar mover. The repairs were completed in our Atlanta GA facility. Under the leadership of long time service manager Buster Hunt.

Viking Trackmobile
Trackmobile Viking Railcar Mover

Trackmobile Rebuild

When the Trackmobile came in, our team began disassembling and assessing the current condition of the unit. The entire subframe was bent and required replacement. The motor mounts were broken. The power train shifted and out of place. The cab was completely busted in, and warped.

With the machine apart.  The team began making repairs to the body and frame. The power train was carefully moved back into alignment. All broken mounts were replaced. The team installed the entire new subframe, and cab. While doing this, the cab was upgraded to the modern 2020 cab. All of the controls were updated. Buster’s team carefully aligned and custom installed the cab to fit properly with the older frame. While updating the Trackmobile, our team upgraded the Viking’s cab comforts. They installed a new air conditioner and cab heat.  New seat. All new insulation. Finally, the Trackmobile was painted with fresh decaling and tested.

Trackmobile Viking
Trackmobile Viking Railcar Mover
Trackmobile Viking
Trackmobile Viking Railcar Mover

Our team completed this work in less than 2 months while continuing to serve our loyal customer base with call out service and railcar mover repairs. The Trackmobile is now headed to a new long term home for a repeat Andress customer.  A fantastic job by Buster and his team.

Trackmobile Viking
Trackmobile Viking Railcar Mover

This is just one of many overhauls and rebuilds our award winning technicians complete on a regular basis. AEA has facilities throughout the southeast. With our over 60 years in business as a premiere Trackmobile dealer and service provider. If you have a Trackmobile or railcar mover you are considering rebuilding. Contact us today! We stand ready to help with all your Trackmobile needs.

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