Trackmobile Railcar Movers From AEA

Trackmobile Railcar Movers. The world's number 1 railcar mover for over 70 years. AEA has been a factory authorized Trackmobile dealer since 1956.

Trackmobile Railcar Movers For sale

New Trackmobiles

Built at the ISO 9001 certified facility in Lagrange GA. All new Trackmobiles come with two years factory warranty. More Trackmobiles are produced annually than all other brands combined. A new Trackmobiles offers the latest advances in safety and operation for industrial rail car switching.

Fleet & Qualified Used Trackmobiles

Fleet Trackmobiles are purchased new and kept in service 1-5 years before being made available for purchase. All machines are inspected with all components being repaired or replaced before delivery

Qualified Used Trackmobiles are refurbished or rebuilt as needed in our full rebuild shops then made available for sale. Most Used Trackmobiles come with a minimum 90 days parts and labor warranty

AEA’s award winning team of factory trained technicians are some of the most experienced and skilled Trackmobile technicians in the industry today. Our technicians are trained in our service shops. They spend time road training with our veteran tech’s before ever handling jobs on their own. 

When the Trackmobile can’t be back up and running that day. We have a fleet of Trackmobiles that can almost always be on site within 24-36 hours of order.

For the fix it yourself shop. Trackmobile parts with AEA support will give you the fast response and support to make your maintenance department look like the best experts on site. 


Field Service and Rentals


Constantly Improving


More Options

Trrackmobile has over 70 years of experience building the world’s number 1 rail car mover. Our Trackmobiles offer more options than any other rail car mover on the market today. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Remote control
  • Automatic Wheel Slip control and ABS
  • Automatic weight transfer
  • Cold weather packages
  • Ballast Box for added tractive effort

From snow plows to remote controls. We’re here to fit your needs


Trackmobile never stops improving. With new features standard like:

  • Fully integrated can-bus controls,
  • Remote monitoring & Geo location tracking
  • Patented 360 deg vision safety system.

The Trackmobile design team is constantly working on ways to improve our product.