Trackmobile Technology & Options

Staying on top takes a commitment to the best product every day. Trackmobile Rail car movers offer the widest range of options available on the market today. We are constantly utilizing the best advances in equipment technology to improve our product.


Operator Safety

If it can not be done safely, it can not be done at all. Operating safely is the number 1 priority for your rail car switching application.  

Visibility - "Safe-T-Vue"

Trackmobile’s Patented “Safe-T-Vue” 360 degree camera system will provide your operator with complete visibility around the Trackmobile. 
Combined with our Rail line of site cameras. Operators have total vision of the Trackmobile and down both sides of the car string

  • 10″ in cab display monitor
  • 9-32V operating system
  • -40 – 185deg F operating range
  • 800×600 RGB resolution
  • 4 camera with 180deg lesnes
  • Multiple display options
  • Focused Coupler Views
  • Standard on all new Trackmobiles

GCS Safety & Remote Control

Remote Control

One of the most popular Trackmobile options. All new Trackmobiles can be equipped with a SCAN-RECO integrated remote control system. Installing our remote control system allows many site to make switching movements with one operator. eliminating the need for multiple personnel to switch rail cars

  • Throttle and Braking features
  • Audible alarm
  • Wheel slip detection and correction
  • Automated weight transfer
  • 2500 ft. operating range
  • Diagnostic feedback through LCD display screen
  • Spread Spectrum Frequency hopping all but eliminates signal interference (50hz)

GCS Safety

Ground Control Safety –  Make the red zone safe again 

Pocket sized pendant worn by ground man. Allows ground man to lock out gear on Trackmobile, apply Trackmobile brakes, and trigger alarm in the cab.

  • 1200 ft operating range
  • Remote alert
  • Customized function
  • Self diagnostics
  • Security Coded   

Available on all new Trackmobiles 


Remote Telematics

Maximize uptime, Minimize downtime

Monitory your equipment from anywhere in the world. All new Trackmobiles come standard our remote telematics system. 

Location, Security, & safety: 
Monitor machine location via gps tracking. can be implemented with Geozone alarms and reporting. 

Health and Maintenance
Onboard visual health status J1939 & custome fault monitoring 
live diagnostics reporting 

Phone App for live monitoring on the go