Cranes & Hoists

AEA offers turn key installed crane packages. We represent multiple major crane manufacturers in the U.S. We will help asses and determine specifications for your crane system with an on site visit. Then provide options for turn key installed packages.

Industry Standard Brands

 These are just some of the manufacturers available from AEA. With our wide selection of available products & 30+ years of experience. AEA can provide solutions for almost any application

Gorbel Overview Brochure – PDF

Gorbel WS Crane

Jib Cranes, free standing work station cranes, wall mounted cranes, ceiling hung cranes. Work station cranes are some of the most important tools to modern manufacturing operations. 

Averaging from 150 – 4000lb systems (larger capacities available). WS cranes are used in almost every type of industry. From maintenance use to high repetition heavy manufacturing. 

WS cranes increase safety, and productivity on the floor. Allowing operators to easily manipulate tools and equipment as needed creating a higher quality product in a safer manner.

AEA offers turn key systems. Trolley’s, frames, hoists; AEA has everything to deliver a complete crane system including installation

Work Station Cranes 


Hoists & Trolleys

Columbus Mckinnon, Yale, Shaw-Box, EMH. Brands known the world over for the quality and performance of their hoists. 

AEA offers Hoists, Trolleys, Drive tractors, hook assemblies, under hook devices. All available whether replacement parts or entire systems. 

EMH Wire Rope Hoists Brochure

Columbus McKinnon Hoist Product Guide

Both Wire and Chain Hoists Contact us today 


Monorail Systems

Monorail systems are great way for handling material within your facility. AEA engineers have designed and installed monorail systems in all kinds of environments. From major chemical facilities to universities


Parts and materials for Crane & Hoists




Gorbel 2 Ton Hoist