2014 Trackmobile Titan Railcar Mover

2014 Titan Trackmobile. 7700 engine hours, 33,000 lbs tractive effort. Up to 50,000 lbs tractive effort. Available for sale today!

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This  Titan Trackmobile was built new in 2014. It was leased before returning to AEA and has been in our rental fleet since. The Titan is rated at 33,116 lbs of starting tractive effort single coupled.  This Titan has approximately 7700 life time hours. Included with your AEA 2014 Titan Trackmobile:

  • Tier 3 260BHP Cummins 6.7L engine
  • Camera System with in cab monitor
  • John Deere Funk DF 150 constant mesh spur gearing 4 speed transmission
  • Can-bus Operator interface system with diagnostic display
  • Cab Heat and Air Conditioning
  • “Max-Tran” Automatic weight transfer system
  • “Max-Trac” Automatic wheel slip detection and correction system
  • Outboard planetary locking differential
  • 100CFM rotary screw compressor
  • 90 days parts and labor warranty


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