Modjoul Health Platform & Smartbelt

The Modjoul Health Platform. Letting Data Drive. Bio-mechanical Risk Assessment Wearable Smart Belt. Contact Tracing and Proximity Alerts. Improving Health, Safety, and Performance

Modjoul Smart Belt

The Modjoul™ Health Platform: “A data platform with a mission to prevent workplace injuries while keeping employees operating at their highest productivity. The Modjoul™ platform provides entirely new insights to employees and employers that were previously unattainable.”

The Modjoul™ smart belt is worn during shift to record and report a wide range of employee movement and driving statistics. Modjoul’s platform is reducing work place injuries in over 40 fortune 500 companies today. 

Health Platform Delivering results

Lower Lumbar injuries are one of the highest injuries in work place environments. The Modjoul Belt Wearable is a WiFI enabled smart belt worn by employees throughout the shift. The device is equipped with 8 sensors and GPS all regularly tracking data and downloading that to the Modjoul Platform. That data is automatically built into easy to understand reports that are used to identify and correct health risks. 

In addition to formatted data, the device's built in haptic response will notify employees in real time when they make an risky bend. A gentle vibration notifies the employee when they are over extended.

What Data is Available?

The Modjoul Smart belt working with the health dashboard, records and reports a wide range  of employee movement data. 

  • Walking – Duration, Steps, Speed, Distance
  • Bending – Count, Duration, Bend Angle, Bend and Twist Acceleration
  • Twisting- Count, Duration, Acceleration, 
  • Outdoor Driving – Distance, Duration, Hard Acceleration, Hard Braking, Hard Maneuvering
  • Indoor Driving -Duration, Hard Braking, Hard Impacts, Soft Impacts
  • Metabolic Equivalent
  • Lumbar Scoring – Static and Dynamic
  • More 
Your dashboard can be customized to provide the data that best serves your business. 
Modjoul Smart Belt
Modjoul Smart Belt

Contact Tracing and Social Distancing

Modjoul’s™ Smart Belt also offers Social distancing and contact tracing capabilities. Using its location and WiFi enabled device to device communication. The belt will notify the employee with a gentle vibration when two belts are within the buffer zone. This data is recorded and downloaded onto the platform for health tracking across the site.

The belts can be combined with the Modjoul health App for providing the safest possible worksite environment 

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