LEAF Locomotive

LEAF New Switcher Locomotives

The market’s only new switcher locomotive. Other manufacturers reuse frames and bodies to refurbish switchers.  Railserve’s LEAF locomotives are built with on a new locomotive frame. 

Available in 1 or 2 600HP Cummins Skin models. The LEAF offers up to 83,000lbs of starting tractive effort. a 25% increase over the average switcher locomotive. 


Switchers & Overhauls

If you are looking for a refurbished switcher locomotive or you have an EMD switcher in need of an overhaul. Look no further. 

We now offer standard switcher locomotives and overhauling services for EMD locomotives! Services include:

  • Engine Overhauls 645 & 567 Engines
  •  Truck Overhauls
  • Combo Replacements, Traction Motors
  • Electrical Inspections, Repairs, and Overhauls
  • Rust and body Repair
  • Cab repairs, cab HVAC, Cab refurbishment, control
  • Upgrades – Remote Control

Locomotive Sales

Through our years in the rail industry. Railspur can list and sell your locomotive directly to perspective buyers. 

We can assist with:

  • Listing and selling used locomotives
    • Online
    • With a network of experienced industry representatives
  • Providing Financing for perspective buyers
  • Sale Prep:
    • Setting up 92 day inspections
    • Qualifying and repairing broken components
Switcher Locomotive

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