LEAF Locomotives

New Environmentally Friendly Switcher Locomotives from Railserve

LEAF Locomotive

Railserve New Switcher Locomotives

The market’s only new switcher locomotive. Other manufacturers reuse frames and bodies to refurbish switchers.  Railserve’s LEAF locomotives are built with on a new locomotive frame. 

Available in 1 or 2 600HP Cummins Skin models. The LEAF offers up to 83,000lbs of starting tractive effort. a 25% increase over the average switcher locomotive. 

Built at the LEAF manufacturing facility in Longview TX. The LEAF’s modern engine makes it significantly more fuel and oil efficient than traditional EMD or GE switcher locomotives found in plants today. 

A LEAF locomotive comes with all of the benefits of a modern piece of mobile equipment. While still keeping the feel of a traditional locomotive your operators have come to know. Digital controls systems, engine diagnostics and monitoring, advanced wheel slip systems are just some of the modern features on a LEAF locomotive. Traditional AAR style control stands keep operators feeling comfortable in the seat.

  • Cummins Engines QSX Tier IV Final Engines
  • Stamford 480V Generators
  • New Fat 40 Wheels
  • Atlas Copco Air Compressors
  • 26L Brakes
  • AAR Control Stand
  • D77 or better Traction motors
  • American Traction System Controls
  • Engine Diagnostic Monitor


Greener & Leaner & Meaner $$$

With modern Cummins Tier 4 final engines. Your LEAF will run on significantly less fuel and oil than standard EMD and GE switcher engines. They do this while reducing carbon emissions by 50% and NOx and PM Emissions 92-99% over standard switchers. LEAF locomotives eliminate stack embers anddo not drip oil. 

  • 45-65% less fuel consumption
  • 80-85% less lube oil
  • 50% reduction carbon emissions
  • 92-99% reduction NOx and PM Emissions 

Cost savings can average $50,000.00/YR in fuel and lube oil over the working lift of the unit


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LEAF Switcher Locomotive