Make a $1000 dollars for Christmas. The Holiday Hustle

Holiday Budget Series - 2

Christmas Gift

Continuing with our series, we have made a holiday budget. We need $1,000 dollars for the holidays this year.  Black Friday is fast approaching and we don’t have an extra penny for the holidays. Ideally, this is not the case. We have been setting aside a little each month all year and you are ready for Christmas day. This year is not that year, and there is no extra money for the holidays. What to do. GET A JOB. 

You can do anything for a month

Well that was harsh. I have a job. I work hard at it. Now you want me to get another one? That’s right. 

If the alternative is putting Christmas on the credit card this year? That is exactly what we want you to do. 

I have a demanding schedule. There are kids at home. I don’t have time for a second job. 

While everyone’s demands and details are different. You can do almost anything for a month. We’ll use 30 days of working for our article today. 


America is Hiring

Seasonal Holiday jobs are common and more abundant than you think. has an entire section dedicated to seasonal jobs by City. – Charlotte NC Seasonal Jobs

Even more, the rise of the gig economy has added even more options. With driving apps like Uber and Lyft, you can literally touch a button to go on and off the clock. That’s where we’ll begin.

Workin for the Weekend

  1. Driving Apps Uber and Lyft allow you to become a driver almost instantly. These companies have reinvented the idea of the side hustle. While the pay is fairly low compared with full time positions. The flexibility is unbeatable. According to the “Drivers earn” The average Uber/Lyft driver makes $8.55-$11.77/hr. Let’s say you average an even $10/hr after expenses. If you drive 10 hours/wk for a month that is $400 dollars. We just made 40% of our holiday budget. The beauty of these apps is you can turn them on and off any time. Have two hours to kill while the kids are at practice? Go make 20 bucks!
    1. To make $1,000. 100 hours
  2. Don’t want people in your car? Food delivery, Postmates, Uber eats, Pizza delivery chains. These places are always looking for more help.  
  3. Amazon delivery driver. Amazon is currently hiring seasonal drivers all over the country. Average pay $16 dollars per hour.
    1. Time to make $1,000. 62.5 hours 
  4.  UPS/Fedex: Sticking with our delivery theme UPS announced on September 9. It will hire 100,000 workers this holiday season. According to glass door, the average base pay for a UPS seasonal driver helper is $11 dollars per hour.
    1. Time to make $1000. 91 hours
  5.  Department Stores: Even with the Covid Pandemic department stores are hiring extra help for the holidays. Bloomingdales is hiring gift wrappers at 11 dollars per hour. Gap is hiring at $10/hr. A whole list of stores you know and love hire extra help at the holidays. As we write this article, right now, In Charlotte NC right now. seasonal help jobs listed on include: J crew, Anthropologie, whole foods, Belk. Just to name a few.
    1. Time to make $1000. 91 hours. 
  6. Gig Sites. Want something even more on demand? check out websites likes or task rabbit. These are online market places where people solicit for all kinds of tasks from handy man services to moving assistance, to cleaning, to website design. If there is an odd job, you can probably find it here. Pay can range all over depending on the task.

It's not Forever

These are just a few ideas for holiday jobs. There are tons of positions with flexible hours you can pick up during the holidays. 

It might be a little inconvenient, you might not love it. Think of the alternative. A holiday hustle could save you from starting in the hole in January. You don’t necessarily have to earn the full $1000 dollars either. Just whatever you need to cover your holiday short fall. You might even find that you like it. 

You can also sell things on places like Facebook marketplace and EBAY. 


Small Pebbles

Beyond extra money, a holiday hustle can have hidden benefits too. Everything we work towards is financial freedom. Don’t underestimate the advantages of doing work outside of your normal skill set. Taylor, how can helping delivery packages help me in other places? You aren’t exactly teaching me to code here… 

Do you have to work with other people at your current job? Want to be a better team player? Going into a delivery route with a complete stranger in one of the most structured logistical networks on earth. You don’t think that will help you as a team member at your full time work? 

Have to deal with customers in your day job? Deal with a few unhappy shoppers returning the sweater that shrunk the first time they washed it. Suddenly your complaining clients don’t seem so bad. 


Large Stones

To close, let’s really go outside the box. The two things people blow during the holidays. The budget and the scale. 

Calories and dollars, are they really that different? You have a budget, you have a limited number of dollars, your body can burn a limited number of calories. You want to spend more dollars, you need to work more. You want to eat more and not gain weight, you need to exercise more. 

If for the past ten years you have reached for the credit card to tide you over. All of a sudden you set a limit. I will spend what I have, and only what I have. If I want to spend more, I have to make more. Do you think you might notice making similar choices about diet and exercise? Stay tuned, we might have something for you on that later. 

What are some ways you’ve made extra holiday money in the past? We always love to hear new ideas. Leave them in the comments below. 

The holiday hustle, Amazing how far a little extra work goes. Next time, we’ll tackle the price alert and online saving tools. It’s time to go couponing! 

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