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Stock Chart

Thousand Dollar Follower

We started with an initial investment of $1,050 dollars in January 2021. We will add an additional $50 dollars each month. Follow along with our progress. 

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Stock Chart

Thousand Dollar Follower

Think investing doesn't work over time? We're putting it to the test. We took an initial investment of $1000 Dollars. Then started making monthly contributions of $50. Follow our progress.

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Christmas Gift

Free Gifts

Free Gifts – If we are out of Christmas budget, and we’ve decided debt is not an option. We have to get creative. The kids had the right idea the whole time.

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Christmas Gift

Holiday Budget Series – The Budget

The holidays can be one of the easiest times of year to let your budget get out of hand. Additional travel expenses, big meals, gift giving. It’s easy to lose track. Use these tools to help your holiday spending stay on track this year.

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Financial Translation

“40% of Americans do not have $400 in the bank for emergency expenses.”

We’ve all heard the stat. We also hear everyday how we live in the land of abundance and plenty. The richest nation ever to exist. How can these two things be true? We believe it is because less and less people speak the language of money anymore. credit default swaps, interest rates, compound mortgage interest expense. They all sound like words you need a degree in finance to understand. Some probably are, but why does it have to be so complicated?

 If it is just pieces of paper we decide to give value to, why is it so confusing? We believe it’s not. But, just like you couldn’t travel in a foreign country without speaking the language, how can you expect to travel through the land of finance without speaking the local language? The good news, the vast majority of what average Americans need to understand to control their money is no more complicated than simple arithmetic.  That’s why we’re here. To help people understand what their money means and how to control it. Instead of letting it control them. 


Start Taking Control


What's the Concept?

The concept is very simple, “Live on less than you make.” Save money to invest and slowly build wealth. While the concept is easy to understand, it is not always easy to do. It takes discipline. That’s where your coach comes in. 

After an initial discussion to determine where you are and your goals; I will work with you to set up a monthly budget, and then most importantly STICK TO IT! We will stress things like: prioritizing savings for an emergency, eliminating wasteful spending, contributing to employee retirement accounts, eliminating debt, and growing wealth slowly and steadily. 

After a series of virtual one-on-one sessions to get started. We will have monthly meetings to discuss the previous month’s progress and plan the month ahead. As you work through the process we will be here to guide and assist you on your way to total financial independence. 

What does This cost?

We are offering this service free of charge. This is not a trial offer. As we start, our only goal is to help people. The only cost is the personal cost you are willing to take on to accomplish your goals. I look forward to walking that journey with you. 

As we grow, we will revisit fees to the extent they can help us grow our community and provide help to more people. 

What is included?

To begin with, time and attention. We’ll also post articles and data the community will find interesting and share success stories and goals from our members.  


What are we building?

Our goal is to build a community of like minded individuals who have taken control of their financial future. A community who regularly collaborates together, encourages each other, and shares the knowledge they have learned with the world around them. 

Meet The Coach

Trusting someone with your money is about the greatest trust you can give someone, so let me introduce myself. 

My name is Taylor Majors. I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I grew up in suburban Georgia and South Carolina.  First off, I am not a registered financial advisor. Information discussed with clients or found online is for informational purposes. I am an ordinary American with an interest in  helping people create financial independence. 

My mission is to help people who want to take control of their finances and prosper financially by showing them simple but time tested techniques, and then helping them execute those techniques.



Ready to take control?