Chiller Systems

From Specification to Installation. Turn key chilled water systems.

Turn Key Systems

Chillers – Industrial chilled water systems are common in commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities. Railspur specializes in process equipment cooling systems. Specifically large machinery and chemical processes equipment.  

We offer from design and engineering services designed to be installed by others to full turn key systems. Infrastructure work including concrete and electrical supply are available. We can design and install single and multi loop systems, specialized pump systems, and controls. Contact Railspur today to inquire about your application.


Chiller 101

Industrial water chillers come in all shapes and sizes. So what is an industrial water chiller? A chiller is equipment used to remove heat from a circulating liquid. Often water, water glycol, or some other fluid. The chiller uses refrigerant like R134A and either water or air cooling to remove heat from the process liquid. 

Popular types of chillers include Scroll, screw, or centrifugal chillers. They can be both air or water cooled. They range in sizes from <100 tons to >1000 tons. How do you decide what is right for your application? 

We will visit your site and assess your application. Then design a chiller system that works for you. 



Chiller types

AEA specializes in working primarily Daikin brand industrial water chillers.

Scroll chillers are normally your smallest and most inexpensive systems. Ranging from 10-250 tons. They are perfect for mechanical fabrication facilities, smaller chemical process equipment. 

Screw Chillers around 100-500 tons. The workhorse of the chiller industry, these units can be water or air cooled. Are easily installed in industrial settings. Perfect for production line equipment, chemical facilities and more. 

Centrifugal chillers 100-2700 tons of refrigeration. Utilizing vapor-compression refrigeration for cooling effect. These chillers consist of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. Heated coolant that has been vaporized enters into the centrifugal compressor. Pressure increases as the vapor enters condenser tubes. Circulated water or air through the condenser cools the heated vapor and condenses it to a liquid. as the liquid moves into an expansion valve the condensed coolant expands and evaporates, releasing heat energy as it does. Moving through the evaporator, additional energy is removed from the coolant, it is re-evaporated and cycled through the system.